I’m Eleanor and I love cleaning and decluttering. I’m passionate about helping my clients create and maintain homes that make them happy. Here’s a little more about how I work…

Whether by cleaning or decluttering I aim to help my clients focus on what’s important to them because life is short and time is precious.

Using natural alternatives to potentially harmful chemical cleaning products I want to show people a different way to clean their homes. My philosophy stems from a concern that many of the products we’ve welcomed into our homes contain potentially harmful ingredients. These products, if tested at all, are often tested on animals, are harmful to the environment and cost a lot of money. Though some such products can play a necessary part in keeping our homes clean they need not be used as part of a regular cleaning routine. There is a different way and I think you’ll be pleased to discover it’s just as effective – if not more so – and often yields results more quickly!

I offer a FREE and without obligation home visit so you can meet me and we can discuss your requirements, whether for cleaning or decluttering. How I work is led by my clients. I won’t prescribe what’s done on each visit, rather we’ll discuss what you want to achieve then create a plan to suit. We’re all different and so are our homes!

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a FREE and without obligation home visit!

Thank you,

Eleanor Cline

COMING SOON: If you’d like to know more about me and my journey please read My Story.